Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Update! Wow!

What's this? An update?! Wow! Yes, I am just as surprised as you are! No honestly, I really am!

So yeah, life is going along here in my corner of the world. Things are starting to lighten up a bit. School has most of my preoccupation right now, but I'm still working on stories when I get a chance. In fact, I'm actually working on an original novel for a project that I'm doing for school. Going to get it published and everything once I'm done. Pretty cool huh?

I have now peaked your curiosity haven't I? You want to know more about this said project don't you?

Well sorry, I'm afraid you will have to wait. Not for long though. I should have the general summary of the project up soon. Until then, this will make sure that you keep your eyes on this blog. Because yes, I am still alive and I still want your support and you reading it. :)

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