Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Update! Wow!

What's this? An update?! Wow! Yes, I am just as surprised as you are! No honestly, I really am!

So yeah, life is going along here in my corner of the world. Things are starting to lighten up a bit. School has most of my preoccupation right now, but I'm still working on stories when I get a chance. In fact, I'm actually working on an original novel for a project that I'm doing for school. Going to get it published and everything once I'm done. Pretty cool huh?

I have now peaked your curiosity haven't I? You want to know more about this said project don't you?

Well sorry, I'm afraid you will have to wait. Not for long though. I should have the general summary of the project up soon. Until then, this will make sure that you keep your eyes on this blog. Because yes, I am still alive and I still want your support and you reading it. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Major Project

Hey guys, I figured I'd better start talking about the major project I recently got involved in June. This project is very important to me, and I think you should know about it.

The project is a fic that involves the Hunger Games fandom. What is it? Well, it's basically this. Twenty-four authors come together to write an epic Hunger Games fic. Each author is responsible for writing a character, detailing their journey throughout the Hunger Games. It is a very complex project, the characters have to interact in so many ways. They have so many different personalities, and it's going to be very interesting to watch as the story unfolds.

What's just as amazing as the story itself are the people behind it, writing this story. Some of us are new writers, while others are a little more experienced. (Compared to most of them, I think I'm actually most experienced of the authors. Don't ever doubt their talent though. All of them show some excellent promise.) We also come from many different backgrounds. Have different personalities. Even believe completely different things. But we are becoming a family on there. Getting involved in a project this big is something that I'm glad I did. I now have some new friends and acquaintances. Despite all our differences though, we are coming together to write one of the most ultimate projects ever undertaken in the Hunger Games fandom. Sadly, another story already has credit for being the first and are currently working on a sequel, so we get slightly overshadowed. But we'll give them a run for it. :)

What Tribute am I in charge of in this story? You may find this surprising, but I am in charge of the District 2 Career Male Tribute named Dominic Parraldi. Known for his excellent skills and also for being a heart-throbber and a playboy, Dominic hopes to win the Hunger Games for the honor and glory. However, just like every single Tribute, he has substance to his story. There is more to him than meets the eye.

Right now, while I do have a few fans, there are some people who don't like him because of his arrogance and his playboy nature. It makes me chuckle. Honestly, I can understand why they don't like him. But I don't think that he should be automatically labeled as a bad character. Dominic is as well developed as some of the characters that are considered "good" in this story. You don't know his full story yet. As the plot progresses, I am going to be developing him. Showing you just how human he is, where he comes from, why he acts the way he does, and that there is more to him than meets the eye.

If you would like to check out this project, below is a link to the story:

Blood Dreams

Warning, this story is rated T for a reason. There is going to be violence, swearing, alcohol usage by various characters, intense action sequences, sexual references, and other things that one can find slightly disturbing. But then again, if you were afraid of that, then why would you read the Hunger Games in the first place? Just remember, because those themes and elements are there, doesn't mean the authors themselves promote them.

If you would like to discuss the fanfiction, one of the authors, Dances With Vampires (author of District 1 Male Tribute Gleam Jewett) established a form so that fans of the fic could discuss it.

Check it out guys. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Recent Nomination

Recently I've been nominated to win an award? What kind of award you may ask? Well, the award is a 2012 Summer Hunger Games Award for best oneshot fic.

What fic was recently nominated? The fic that was nominated was Beautiful No Matter What .

Right here is the summary:

There's only ten more minutes until the Live Interviews with Caesar Flickerman. When Glimmer still hasn't returned from backstage, Marvel goes to find her. Though they were in the same year in the Training Academy, he knew very little about his District Partner's backstory. That is until now. Nominated to win a 2012 Summer Hunger Games Award.

End of summary.

It's a fic featuring Marvel and Glimmer, the two District 1 Careers from The Hunger Games, as you can see. I am very excited guys. Very excited. I'll update you when I get more news on the nominations or when the winners are announced.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finally An Update!

I've basically been sick for the past week. So I figured, why not get a blog post in? Feels like forever since I last blogged. Sorry guys, things have gotten busy. Good news is school will be out in about a month, so yeah, I'm crazy about that. Means more updates. :)

Now I better take care of this one thing. 

I just received a tag from Elizabeth over at Imaginational Wonders This should be interesting. Okay here are the rules.
1) Post these rules
2) Post 11 random things about yourself.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5) Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged.
6) No cop-outs in the tagging section like, “If you are reading this” or “if you follow me”. You have to legitimately tag people!

11 Random things about myself:
1) I'm a polygot. Meaning I can pick up languages pretty quickly if taught early enough.

2) I'm a modern day abolitionist. 
3) I think I've developed a case of OHGD- obsessive Hunger Games disorder

4) I have slight photographic memory

5) I love writing essays as long as I get to choose what it is I'm writing the essay on. 

6) I want to go on a vacation to Europe and put my knowledge of European languages to good use. 

7) When I get my own house, I want to devote a huge room to my constantly growing library of books. 

8) I hate being sick. I would rather be in school. 

9) I have way too many favorite quotes memorized by heart. 

10) NCIS is my favorite crime-solving show

11) I always wanted to win a Nobel Peace Prize for my writing.

1. Snow or thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms without a doubt. I hate snow.

2. What size shoe do you wear?

I wear a size 11 and half in American measurement. Yeah I know, I got big feet. :P

3. Books or movies?

You're cruel Elizabeth. Um. I don't know. I guess books, but movies come in at a close second. 

4. Pencil or pen?

Pencil. Easier to erase mistakes.

5. What is your favorite Disney movie?

Uh...I've seen too many. Pocohontas was good. But Narnia is probably my favorite. I don't know. 

6. Shoes or barefoot?

Probably shoes. But barefoot on occasion.  

7. What is your favorite pastime? 

Reading and writing.

Do you know what Human Trafficking is?

Yep. It's the modern day slave trade. There's two main branches of it. The labor portion, and the sex selling portion. Both are very disgusting. And I want to see it brought to an end. 

9. Do you know who William Wilberforce is?

Nope. Enlighten me.

10. Do you like jelly beans? 

Nope. I can honestly say I'm the one kid who does not like jelly beans. They're nasty

11. If you could be on any commercial what product would you advertise?

Gosh. Um. Maybe I could be one of those guys who does the voice for advertising movies. You know, like the guy who says, "This May see - and -." You know what I mean right?

Okay now for my questions....

 1. How many languages can you speak?
 2. World Peace. Do you think it'll ever be possible?
 3. What are your views on education?
 4. Ever read The Hunger Games?
 5. Favorite song?
 6. Favorite actor/actress?
 7. Star Wars or Star Trek?
 8. Have a life philosophy? 
 9. Favorite quote? 
10. What book do you want to see a film adaption of? 
11. When life has you down, what do you do? 

And I tag...Hudson, Stew, Shieldmaiden, Lil, and Rose. Now it's your turn. Have fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random News

I've recently been getting in touch with my inner child again. I've been reading fairy tales, ones that were told by me by my family. I found wholes books of them for free on my Kindle that I got for Christmas. I can't help but chuckle as I read them. It takes me back to the good old days. Before life became so stressed and hectic.

Yet in reading these tales, I have recently come across new inspirations. I think I now have an idea for an original story in the works. An idea where I'll blend reality with fairy tales, myths, legends, and yeah you get the picture. I'm not quite sure about the road it will take yet though. I'll have to do some developing first. I'll be sure to let you know.

In other news, I just finished chapters 4 and 5 of my story Narnia Falls to Telmar. I've been trying to add a little more action to it to help readers get pulled into it. I only hope my efforts are fruitful. I should have them both typed up in a couple of weeks. My parents think I'm wierd using a laptop and the family computer at the same time, but still. I've realized this week that even though my life is busy, I still need to keep people interested in my works. And the best way is probably to keep updating.

And you all might find this interesting. I'll be posting a story soon which will be talking about Narnia's history from the beginning until the end of the Golden Age. It's going to be fun. Influences going into this work are the usual, myths, legends, fairy tales. I'll also be adding real life experiences, history, various theologies because of the different religions, and of course Christianity. I haven't been able to come up with a decent title for it, so I've been calling it Narnia's Silmarillion. I plan on coming up with an official title once I start publishing it. (I'm going to wait until everything is completely written before I do that though.) Hopefully that will spark some interest in you guys. :)

In other news, family situation has not changed much. We're still kind of miserable, though I admit, I'm in a better mood than I have been. I just wish this divorce would get over with. My parents are both too stubborn and selfish to really care though. They refuse to budge, even for us. And my brother is currently going through one of his own Edmund moments, except you can disclude the whole "doubting Aslan" part of it. He's still got a grasp on his faith, just that I can see it's getting exhausted and he's trying to prove himself. As for my sister, she's ok. Though like me, she is growing tired and weary.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Live Journal

That's right folks, I actually got a livejournal. There, you can find organizations for my stories and such. It's basically for people who want to ignore the personal stuff about me and actually find out what's going on with stories and such. Only one post entry though. May have another one up soon though. We'll see.

If you want to check out the LiveJournal, you can access the link on my page that lists the sites that I'm on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still Alive

Yes, people, I'm still alive. Don't worry. Just thought I let you all know that. School has just been very busy and in order to keep up with it I haven't been able to post as often as I would like.

I have also read too many books for me to dedicate single posts to them. So I will have to consolidate and actually work on them when I get the chance.

These are the books you can expect to see reviews for in the coming months:

Ranger's Apprentice #5 The Sorcerer of the North by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprrentice #6 The Siege of Macindaw by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice #7 Erak's Ransom by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice #8 The Kings of Clonmel by John Flanagan

The Problem of Pain by C. S. Lewis

A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

As for my fics, I do have chapters already typed up for them. The problem is, the computer they were typed up on has a broken internet port. So yeah, until it gets fixed, I won't be able to actually post anything. Which stinks. Please be patient though. Just think, when they finally arrive, you'll be very excited to read them...hopefully.